Dreadlock Aftercare

Just like getting a new tattoo, aftercare of your new dreads is very important.

I put 110% into my work to provide you with quality dreadlocks but how you care for them

will determine the look and condition of your new dreads.

I recommend NOT wetting or washing your new dreads for 2 weeks to 1 month after creation.

This allows your hair to settle & continue the “locking” or “felting” process. When water gets inside the dread the internal pressure causes the hair to fluff out and can create loops. These loops can then cause the dreads to shrink if not maintained regularly. I use the “Divine Hand and Hook” crochet method which means these loops can be pulled back in as part of your regular maintenance sessions to avoid shrinkage and weak spots.

Some people experience an itchy scalp after getting dreads. This happens because your scalp is not used to the hair being pulled together in sections. This reduces scalp stimulation and increases scalp exposure which can cause the scalp to dry; causing flakiness. To help relieve scalp itch during this time I do have available an essential oil scalp spray to cleanse, nourish and stimulate the scalp giving you a freshen up during this period or for between washes. If you feel you need to wash you scalp you can but you need to avoid submerging your dreadlock length in water. You can also use a wet sponge or face cloth to clean your scalp.

After the initial month, you can wash your dreads from 1-4 times a month preferably with a natural shampoo. Washing in the morning is ideal; drying naturally in the sun and wind.

Use of a microfibre towel will help soak up moisture quicker than regular towels.

Stop dreads joining together by checking your hair each week.

Pull any apart that feel like they are joining at the base.

Palm rolling your dreads can help keep them tidier and less fluffy, speeding up the felting process.

I recommend dreadlock maintenance ONE month after new dreads have been created.

This allows me to check on their progress, tighten and pull in any loops early and

see how your new dreads go after their first wash.

After that I do leave it to the individuals discretion as everyone’s hair and needs are different.

General guidelines are: If you like neat dreads get your regrowth done every 2-3 months. If you don’t mind some fluff on the top up to 4-6 months.

When sleeping dreads can get fluffy and messy if you toss and turn a lot. Wearing a dread “sock” or beanie can help protect your dreads. Cutting the leg off an old pair of leggings works great too. This can also be used to protect your dreads when in dirty environments. If you work in construction or the outdoors where they can get dirt, dust, grease and grime it is important to protect them.

Most of all ENJOY and do no hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions!

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